Dr. Zorana Kurbalija Novicic

Biologist, PhD in Population genetics, Science communicator, Lecturer. Mum.

I am a Post Doc Fellow at the section of Animal Ecology, Department of Ecology and Evolution, Uppsala University, funded by Marie Curie Individual Fellowship.

I am currently working in the Göran Arnqvist lab, where I investigate the evolutionary and ecological implications of mito-nuclear epistasis using Drosophila subobscura as model species.

My research interests are spited in four directions: (i) to understand genome-environment interaction and mechanisms that influence dynamics of gene pool associated with microevolution processes (ii) to evaluate the strength of epistatic interaction between mtDNA and nuclear genes (iii) to assess the effects of mito-nuclear genotype on key life history traits such as metabolic rate and test whether these effects are sex-specific in line with the “mother’s curse” and (iV) to test the hypothesis that mito-nuclear interactions promotes the maintenance of polymorphism in mitochondrial genome through negative frequency dependent selection.

Science should be communicated. I am involved in implementation of scientific approach in education (STEM in schools), implementation of new and innovative approaches in learning for undergraduate/graduate students and dissemination of scientific results to general public.

Interested in biotech & edutech start-ups and promotion of female entrepreneurship in life science.